Lack of increase in breastfeeding rates in Canada a concern according to health experts

Breastfeeding reduces infections in babies, boosts their immune system and prevents obesity. Breastfeeding may even help mothers by lowering the risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease as they age.

So why aren't more women doing it?
Health experts are concerned about the lack of increase in breastfeeding rates in Canada, and say better counsel on how to breastfeed from the time of a child's birth could greatly increase the number of women who continue exclusively breastfeeding, without combining bottle feeding.
At the MUHC, 87% of new mothers try breastfeeding. As a Centre of Excellence for breastfeeding, the MUHC acknowledges the importance of continued research in the field, and has devoted a great deal of resources and funding to its Women’s Health Mission to further support all breastfeeding mothers.
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