Live Cameras installed on the Glen Campus

Cameras have been installed on the Glen campus site with a continuous update of the construction process linked to the MUHC Web site at MUHC.CA webcam. Interested parties can track the new hospital's progress online and watch the buildings going up over the next four years.

The Glen Campus is part of the MUHC’s $2.25-billion Redevelopment Project at the Glen, Lachine and Mountain campuses, whose goal is to give our healthcare professionals the modern work environment and leading-edge technology to provide patients and their families with the best care for life.

“We’re very proud to be MUHC’s partner on this vital and truly innovative project,” added Charles Chebl, Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Buildings Group, SNC-Lavalin Construction. “Our design, based on MUHC’s standards of excellence, will ensure that all rigorous specifications are met. We are pleased that the project is now physically underway and confident that it will be delivered on time and on budget.”