MCH - From colds to compresses: The Children’s highlights “joys” of returning to school

Montreal, August 29, 2006 Is it the most wonderful time of year? Back to school may be a break for parents but may mean added stress for children. Clinicians at the Montreal Children’s Hospital of the MUHC discuss how this season affects your children’s health.

The parent-coach

There is no doubt that being active has health benefits, particularly for children. However, some parents may be pushing their progeny too hard. Parents who hope their kids will land lucrative sports scholarships or truly belive their child is the next Wayne Gretzsky or Cindy Klaussen, may be setting their kids up for psychological breakdown. According to Children’s Chief of Orthopedic Surgery, Francois Fassier, some parents’ and coachs’ dreams become children’s nightmares, resulting in long term trauma. Dr. Fassier can comment on this new trend and how to avoid the performance trap.

The depressed teen

Switching from elementary to high school may be a huge step for some children. The change of friends, teachers and environment may be so overwhelming that they become withdrawn and unenthusiastic. When does this normal anxiety become depression? What signs should parents look out for? Director of Child Psychiatry, Eric Fombonne, has advice for worried parents and can discuss the symptoms and prevalence of adolescent depression.

The infection angle

Change of season, means more colds, sore throats or worse. When should children go to the doctor? Do antibiotics work? What types of infections should we anticipate this year? Pediatric infectious disease specialist, Caroline Quach, can answer these questions and the rise and fall of antibiotic treatment.

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