MCH Researchers and Colleagues Join in a Program Planning Retreat

A retreat held on April 19 drew 38 participants from genetics and reproductive and maternal medicine to decide on the nature and leadership of a program proposal to the Research Institute of the MUHC (RI-MUHC). On the table was reorganization into one or more maternal and child health and development programs, with a single program leader or composite leadership.

“I was very impressed and surprised at the unanimity and enthusiasm for creating a single program incorporating the entire spectrum of research on human development and child health,” said Dr. Michael Kramer, a member of the program steering committee. “Very collaborative, constructive, and promising—augurs well for the future!”

Dr. Jacquetta Trasler, Director of Child Health Research at the RI-MUHC, said that this consensus works with the aim of the new programs. “We want to create an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration,” she explained. “We also want to set the stage for original, innovative research that allows translation of basic discoveries into health care and policies. By including our colleagues in basic, clinical and health outcomes research, we can build on—yet go beyond—the Prenatal and Childhood Origins of Disease theme in our submission for the $100 million Canada Foundation for Innovation grant awarded in 2008.”