MCH-RVH joint hearing screening program launched

The Royal Victoria Hospital (RVH) and the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) are pleased to announce the launch of a hearing screening program for newborns. After many years of hard work and preparation to get this under way, all babies born at the RVH will now be screened for deafness before leaving the nursery. The test is quick, effective, painless and inexpensive. Newborns who fail the hearing test will be referred to the Audiology department at the MCH for more extensive diagnostic evaluations. The goal is to have a full diagnosis before the age of three months and a hearing aid and follow-up plan before the child is six months old, according to the recommendations of the Quebec public health institute (l’Institut National de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ)).  

The MUHC believes that these screening services should be made available to all Quebec children. Faced with the current government inaction, the MUHC decided to take action and formed its own screening program to begin right away. Thanks to the generosity of their foundations and donors, the MCH and the RVH will be in a position to offer these services over the coming months.

It’s estimated that approximately eight babies born each year at the RVH will present with a significant hearing deficiency. These children, screened at birth, will be evaluated and followed up quickly to ensure they can develop their communication skills to their fullest potential.

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