MCH Trauma launches its new website

Trauma continues to be a leading cause of death and disability in children and teens. Today, we see over 15,000 cases a year in the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH) Emergency Department. MCH Trauma hopes that by launching their new website it will give the hospital an edge on diffusing information in many aspects of trauma care, injury prevention and education. They also hope it will continue to foster important collaborations with community and regional partners. And with this hope in hand they aspire to reduce this staggering statistic.

“We work hard on both sides: providing tertiary level trauma care and injury prevention. We know that the web is the way to go and by transmitting information via the web we are going to reach people of all ages giving us a much more efficient and effective way of meeting the needs of children, teens, parents, coaches, teachers and many of our partners in the Quebec and Canadian trauma network,” says Debbie Friedman, MCH director of the Trauma Programs, which includes a specific Injury Prevention Program. “This is especially useful for geographical areas that are not easy to reach—possibly on a global scale. Community partners can then use our expertise to develop different programs.”

“As a tertiary-care Trauma Centre we have many areas of expertise from orthopedics to neurosurgery to burn to dental so the MCH Trauma group is able to provide clear, credible information,” says Friedman. On a sleek and easy-to-navigate platform, the new website offers interactive tools to teach and guide. Educational information on trauma care, including topic-specific resource material developed by the trauma programs, is also readily available. And a section designed for health professionals, including researchers, will allow them access to important information on trauma—including helping doctors make a decision whether they can treat a patient themselves or transfer the patient to the MCH.

The new website has also given the MCH an excellent venue for distributing news and alerts, such as diving board or trampoline warnings, to the masses. The overall goal: to increase the knowledge out there but also to encourage people to make informed choices. “We want to encourage activity but we also want them to be smart about it,” says Debbie.

“At the end of the day I feel we make a difference and with the new website I think we’ll be making an even bigger difference,” says Debbie. “The web is an important step in the MCH Trauma story and we take tremendous pride in what we have accomplished. We have gone from a group of three health professionals in the late 80s interested in neurotrauma with a desire to provide better coordinated care, to five distinct programs with 30 different departments on board today.”

Many thanks to Trauma Coordinators Lisa Grilli and Carlo Galli for their hard work in overseeing this exciting project and to members of the five Trauma Programs for their valuable contributions. A great team effort! Special thanks to the MCH Foundation for their support, to Passeportsanté.net's new project on the infant/toddler virtual house, to Lisa Dutton, Manager, MCH Public Relations and Communications, and to Christopher Higgins of the Montreal Canadians for his help with the teen section and for acting as spokesperson for the Trauma Programs.

The site goes live on February 17. Visit

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