MCH Trauma passes government accreditation processes with flying colors.

By Debbie Friedman, Director MCH Trauma Programs

On November 20, 2008, the Neurotrauma Program of MCH Trauma underwent a triple accreditation process. As longstanding partners in the provincial trauma network, for the past two years we worked with eight regions in the southern and western part of the province to be accredited as an inter-regional consortium. At the same time the Montreal region involving the two pediatric & adolescent Trauma Centres and the affiliated Rehabilitation Centre participated along with the Agence in an Intra-regional Consortium for moderate and severe brain injured patients. The MCH was re-accredited as a Neurotrauma Centre of Expertise within the Inter-regional Consortium for moderate and severe pediatric and adolescent traumatic brain injuries.

An official letter dated December 17 was sent to Dr. Porter confirming the recommendation for MCH designation by the Groupe conseil en traumatologie. They emphasized the excellent quality of the MCH dossier presented, particularly with respect to the programmation and the ongoing quality plan in the multiple aspects and priorities of the MCH Trauma Programs. As a Trauma Centre we were especially pleased that we did not receive any specific recommendations for improvement. A recommendation however was made to the Ministry to make official the corridors of service for the pediatric and adolescent Trauma Centres within the inter-regional consortium. The MCH has been dealing with the lack of resolution of this important issue since 2006.   

The MCH was well represented at the formal visit by: Debbie Friedman, Trauma Director; Diane Richard, Trauma Program Coordinator; Helen Kocilowicz, Neurotrauma Program Coordinator; Patricia Sidhom, Trauma Administrative Procedures Specialist; Dr. Harvey Guyda, Associate Executive Director; Dr. Micheline Ste-Marie, Director of Professional Services; Stephane Timothee, Director of Hospital Services; Dr. José Montes, Chief of Neurosurgery; Dr. Jeffrey Atkinson, Pediatric Neurosurgeon; Dr. Harley Eisman, Medical Director Emergency Department; Dr. Kenneth Shaw, Pediatric Surgeon; Dr. Isabelle Gagnon, Trauma Researcher; and Line Parent, Trauma Occupational Therapist.

We received very positive feedback from consortium colleagues and the group of experts on the strong commitment demonstrated. MCH Trauma has faced many significant external challenges over the past years and it is great to be able to share good news.
Trauma at the Montreal Children's Hospital consists of five distinct programs one of which is the Neurotrauma Program. The others include the Trauma Program, Burn Program, Mild Trauma Brain Injury & Return to Sports Program, and our Injury Prevention Program. The MCH Emergency Department treats over 15,000 trauma patients each year. Trauma continues to be a leading cause of death and disability in the pediatric and adolescent population and an important priority for the Montreal Children's Hospital. Excellent team work and collaboration:  congratulations to all involved!

Thanks to all members of the MCH Trauma Programs for their hard work in the preparation for this important visit.

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