MCH Trauma reaches out to the community at Vélo-Fête de Saint-Eustache

On Sunday, June 12, 2011 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, the MCH Trauma Specialists will be participating in the “Vélo-Fête de Saint-Eustache”. MCH Trauma will be conveying the importance of preventing brain injuries by verifying and adjusting bicycle helmets of all participants in the bike rally. In addition, they will promote, educate and increase awareness about everyone’s shared responsibility in ensuring road safety. Educational resources on proper helmet use and assorted road safety topics will be provided.
Every spring and summer the MCH Emergency Department sees over 800 children and teens due to injuries caused by wheeled sports and other outdoor activities. Two thirds of these injuries involved cycling.
Traumatic brain injuries continue to be an important cause of death and disability among children and teens. Helmets reduce the risk of brain injury. Make sure your child wears a helmet during wheeled sports and activities such as cycling, skateboarding and inline skating.  Have children start wearing a helmet at a young age. Parents should set a good example by doing so themselves. 
MCH Trauma encourages parents, children and teens to be active, informed and to have fun this summer season!
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