MCH Trauma specialists highlight Brain Awareness Month during Pedal for Kids by promoting awareness about traumatic brain injuries

Every year, we love to see the excitement that surrounds Pedal for Kids, a week-long fundraising event that invites companies, community groups and individuals to raise funds for The Montreal Children’s Hospital.  Each team takes a ride on our Mighty Bike, a custom-made bicycle built for 30, to celebrate their success – and as a provincially designated Pediatric and Adolescent Trauma Centre, it goes without saying that we ensure that everyone wears a properly fitted helmet.

Because we take injury prevention so seriously, our Trauma specialists are on site at the event every year to help promote and increase awareness about preventing brain injuries and to talk about everyone’s shared responsibility in ensuring road safety.

Here are Jordan Slapcoff and Galia Elbaz, both Research Assistants in the Montreal Children’s Hospital’s Trauma Department and Canadian Hospital Injury Reporting and Prevention Program, promoting increased awareness about traumatic brain injuries and the importance of wearing a properly fitting helmet. They’ve been encouraging Pedal for Kids participants and patients and families at the hospital to test their brain injury knowledge all week long!

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