The MCH’s Family Advisory Forum (FAF) recognizes special departments doing special work

By Anita La Mendola, FAF member
Winter sets in and like every other year, Montrealers brace for the worst. We know what to expect: the dark mornings, the icy air, the deep snow and...our kids getting sick.
If we’re lucky, then they only get runny noses or coughs. But all too often, we see not only colds, but serious flus and many other pitfalls of winter that send us to the emergency room. The Montreal Children’s emergency room is always bustling – but during the 2011 holiday season, they saw almost three times the normal number of patients come through their doors. Without a doubt, the staff gave more than 100% effort to work through these long hours seeing to all these patients.
The Family Advisory Forum (FAF) wanted to acknowledge the ER staff expressly for this superb effort. On January 19, my fellow FAF member Sarah and I delivered fresh coffee and steaming muffins to the staff lounge. We were greeted with smiles and the staff were touched to be recognized for their hard work.
Thank you to the ER team for making a difference.