Montreal Canadians hit a homerun during MCH visit

The kids were thrilled and the staff was in awe as 12 members of the Montreal Canadians made their annual visit to The Montreal Children's Hospital. There were a lot of double takes as Christopher Higgins, The Canadians assistant captain , walked down the hallway on 7D.  

One teen who was being treated for a broken ankle was telling the players how he injured himself parachuting.  He nearly had the players convinced but then his girlfriend blurted out that he actually hurt himself slipping and falling on the ice.

Steve Bégin and Roman Hamrlik got a real kick out of a six year old boy on 6C who was all decked out in a Canadians shirt, cap, slippers and scarf. Another little boy who was recently placed in isolation after a bone marrow transplant, pressed his nose up against the glass and gave the burly players standing in front of him a huge smile.  He was supper happy when the hockey stars signed his Canadian's pillow.  

A lot of nurses were all smiles as the players took time out to for a group picture. During the visit the players handed out signed hockey cards and the kids got a goody bag with a Canadian's blanket, baseball cap and spongy hockey puck.