Moving to the Glen!

By Dr. Micheline Ste-Marie, Associate Director of Professional Services

The Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Glen site was launched recently. This important step signifies that we will soon see the new Montreal Children’s Hospital on the Glen campus. After many years of planning and anticipation we now have an opportunity to integrate the excellent care we offer to children, adolescents and their families in a completely new environment with the needed improvements to continue our mission: to be a world-renowned hospital where everyone is committed to meeting, above all, the needs of children.

The consortia that will submit their proposals must respond to our mission and our values: a holistic health care environment that favours healing, a functional space that allows us to provide the best care, and a positive blending of clinical, teaching and research. These proposals will address the concept of the new hospital, its construction, its financing and the building management for the next 35 years. Already, many teams have revised the functional and technical plan in order to adapt it to our reality and above all to our future vision of offering stellar clinical services for Montrealers, those in surrounding areas and for all of our RUIS. The government has approved this functional and technical programme, which will form the basis for the designs the consortia will create.

Our Foundation is solidly behind us to give us as much support as possible to realize our dream. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

How will the next few weeks roll out? Here’s an overview of the structure and process.

Senior management at the MUHC set up a redevelopment committee. Our Associate Executive Director, Dr. Harvey Guyda, is on the committee. Among its members are the Honourable Arthur Porter, Director General and CEO of the MUHC, Mr. St.Clair Armitage, PPP Project Director, Dr. Tim Meagher, Associate Executive Director, Medical Affairs, and Ms. Imma Franco, Associate Director of Programs and Clinical Services.  Six advisory committees will give their recommendations to the Redevelopment committee. The Montreal Children’s Hospital and the pediatric mission of the MUHC are very well represented. In effect, we have an advisory committee which deals with all the elements of our clinical plan; what’s more, we have representatives who sit on all other advisory committees: adult programs and services (liaison with Obstetrics and Perinatal), cancer centre, research, support services for clinical programs and services, and technical support services.

Ms. Barbara Izzard, Associate Director of Nursing, Dr. Gary Pekeles and myself are the principal advisors for the advisory committee for pediatric care and services. Ms. Doreen Rafeiro from the MUHC planning office is also working with us. As well, we’re benefiting from the services provided by Ms. Theresa Mack and Ms. Cathy Ann Barr from the planning office. The mandate of the advisory committee is to manage and harmonize the work of six clinical teams in order to have a coherent, cohesive and functional plan to present to the consortia. Who makes up these teams? You’ll find that information in Table 1 (see below). Finally, these teams will receive recommendations provided by groups that are more specialized in each area, for example, the operating room and the hemato-oncology unit. Many caregivers and personnel at the MCH are engaged in the redevelopment process.

How will this work?
The consortia have received our request for proposals. They now have approximately 44 weeks to prepare their project and submit it to us. During this period, there will be many discussions between the advisory committees and the clinical teams. This is unique in the consultation process; it means that clinicians will have an opportunity to present their views throughout the consultation process. It’s quite extraordinary! We can discuss and really participate in the development of the best plan possible for our new hospital. Although we must work within the parameters of the clinical plan, we will have every opportunity to make sure that the consortia understand what we need and create the best possible designs for our patients and their families.

In order to help us achieve our dream, a transition office was recently established to collaborate with the Redevelopment Project team to support clinicians and personnel facing the many challenges that await us. As we prepare ourselves for the big move to the Glen campus, initiatives related to the transition will emerge at the Montreal Children’s Hospital notably harmonization of clinical practices, human resources, planning and infrastructure, information systems, etc. Dr. Marie-Claire Richer is the Director of the Transition Office. Ms. Monique Périé is the transition manager who will work with the MCH teams in this process.   

The clinical plan which was submitted to the consortia can be found on the MUHC intranet site. Click here to read the document. As well, you can find the latest news on the transition and redevelopment on the MUHC intranet. The following link gives you the opportunity to review the presentations on the Redevelopment Project. The McGill University website has information on the Request for Proposal presentation.

If you have questions or suggestions, please feel free to communicate with the members of the clinical teams or with the three advisory committee co-directors. Your participation is essential; we’re a large team and each of us is being invited to build our future together. You can also send your questions and comments to with a c.c. to Barbara Izzard, Gary Pekeles or myself. We will make sure to keep you up to date on the activities of the committees and teams as we move forward with this exciting adventure!

Table 1
Clinical Teams – Glen campus Redevelopment Project – Pediatric services

1. Inpatient / NICU / PICU        
Andréanne Pharand, Nurse Manager, 9C
Sophie Baillargeon, Head Nurse, 9D
Sandy Bradford Macalanda,Coordinator, Medical Services
Chantal Mailloux, Vascular Access
Josée Revuelta, Head Nurse, 6D
Maryse Dagenais, Clinical Nurse Specialist
Carlos Noriega, Biomedical Engineer
Harold Rich, Pediatrician
Patricia Lefebvre & Marc Lasalle,Pharmacists
Romain Mandel, Neonatologist
Stacey Broome, Respiratory Therapist
Sam Shemie, Intensivist
2. Ambulatory Services       
Anne Choquette, CNS Oncology
Gillian Taylor, CNS Rheumatology
Jenny Milne-Smith, Nursing Coordinator
Lynn Lebel, Coordinator
Madeleine St-Gelais, Senior Advisor, Telehealth
Mark Anselmo, Respirologist
Nathalie Aubin, Nurse
Sam Daniel, Otorhinolaryngologist
3. Surgical services – Perioperative services        
Chantal Bernard, Pathologist
Jean-Martin Laberge, Surgeon
Linda Sand, Head Nurse, OR
Shirley Straughton, Nurse
Roman Jednack, Urologist
Sarina Aki, Biomedical Specialist
Sébastien Dubé, Administrative Processes Specialist
Sophie Maranda, Anesthesia Technician
Ted Hunter, Anesthesiologist
4. Emergency       
Anne Boisvert, Assistant Head Nurse
Debbie Friedman, Trauma Program
Dominic Chalut, Pediatric Emergency Medicine specialist
Harley Eisman, Pediatric Emergency Medicine specialist
Nadia Eldaoud, Head Nurse
Robert Rodrigues, Administrative Technician
5. Allied Health Services       
Caroline Erdos, Speech Language Pathologist  
Cinthia Olivier, Nutritionist
Jessica Masson-Guerette, Occupational Therapist
Patricia Gauthier, Social Worker
Randy Robins, Coordinator
Shuvo Ghosh, Child Development pediatrician
Yves Beaulieu, Psychologist
Judy Edes, Child Life Specialist
6. Imaging/Diagnostics       
Adrian Dancea, Cardiologist
Christine Saint-Martin, Radiologist
Jocelyne Thibodeau, EEG Technician
Johanne L’Écuyer, Chief Technologist
Manon Leclair, Medical Imaging Technician
Suzanne Gagnon, Assistant Chief Technologist
Sylvie Dessureault, Assistant Chief Technologist
Pierre Goulet    Biomedical Engineering

An artist's rendering of what the future Glen site might look like.

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