MUHC Health Education Collection now available on the Intranet

The Education Healthcare and Informatics Portfolio (EHIP) is pleased to announce the Intranet launch of the MUHC Health Education Collection, available through any MUHC computer.

The collection contains more than 1300 patient learning materials (PLMs) that are currently in use in clinical areas at the MUHC. An Internet launch for the collection is planned for a later date. Before the Internet launch, all of the PLMs will be examined for congruency with the MUHC Standards for Developing Written Patient Learning Materials.
All MUHC healthcare professionals can access the Health Education Collection through the Libraries section of the MUHC portal, or directly through the following url:

The Education Healthcare and Informatics Portfolio hopes that The MUHC Health Education Collection will become a useful tool for all healthcare professionals. We look forward to your comments and suggestions, and can be contacted by e-mail, or by phone, extension 71386.

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