My child will be going to the new Montreal Children’s this summer for surgery. Will I be able to stay with him overnight?

Yes, absolutely. Our care teams at the Montreal Children’s Hospital have always encouraged parents to stay overnight with their child if they choose, and the inpatient units at the new hospital have many improved features to make a parent’s stay more restful and relaxing.

One of the most important improvements for patients and their families is the introduction of single-patient rooms, which are found throughout the hospital. Single-patient rooms provide a more restful environment for healing, and allow for privacy when talking to members of your child’s care team. They also help minimize the spread of infection. The patient rooms also have sofas which can be used at night if you want to stay with your child, and many of the rooms have a private ensuite shower and toilet.

Looking out for the family’s needs doesn’t stop there. Each of the new hospital’s care units—including the medical and surgical floors, and the neonatal and pediatric intensive care units—has a family room, which are quiet, light-filled spaces with comfortable chairs, kitchenettes and several appliances. You’re welcome to use these spaces for the duration of your child’s stay at the hospital.