National Non-Smoking Week: January 21 to 27, 2007

Mark National Non-Smoking Week by giving your children an environment free of second-hand smoke.
Here’s some valuable advice to help you quit now:
Smoking Cessation Motivation Program

Because we care about your children's health, The Montreal Children's Hospital offers a Smoking Cessation Motivation Program.

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Do you need a good reason to quit?

Secondhand Smoke's Effects on Kids

Secondhand smoke threatens everyone who inhales it, especially kids. Many young children live in households where someone smokes, and the result is an increased risk for health problems.

Help your child quit smoking

Every day, about 3,000 U.S. teenagers start smoking. If you're a parent of a young smoker, you can take steps to help your child quit. But first, it helps to understand why teens light up.