New reduced parking rate packages at the MUHC

To better serve our patients and their families and visitors, the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is pleased to offer new discounted rates and packages to lessen the financial impact of frequent visits. Whether it is for a patient returning to the hospital for numerous clinic appointments or for a family member visiting a hospitalized patient, we offer reduced parking rates to fit individual needs. 

Weekly Pass
1-week = $ 60
2-week = $ 85
Unlimited entry and exit at the hospital where the pass was purchased for its limited duration.

7 visits = $ 100
One entry/exit per visit.
Pass has no expiry date. 

Multi-Site Day Pass
Day Pass = $ 25
Valid for same-day visits to all MUHC hospitals. Please consult Parking Customer Service office to acquire pass.

Clinic Long-Term Pass
4-week pass = $ 70
Available to patients only, who can apply by having a member of their clinical team sign a request form.

Passes can be purchased at any of the parking customer service desks listed below.  Weekly and Flexi-Passes can also be purchased at the Glen site from one of the blue parking payment machines. 

Please note: Lachine Hospital has separate daily parking rates and packages. Visit their hospital pagefor more information.

Daily rates (excluding Lachine)


0 - 30 minutes




31 - 61 minutes




61 - 90 minutes




91 minutes - 24 hours = Day Pass (unlimited entry and 
exit for 24 hours





Open Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., the Customer Service Parking Offices are available for in-person assistance during regular business hours at the following locations:

MCHMontreal General Hospital   T6 – 104 514 934 1934 x43626
MCHLachine Hospital 0J4   514 934 1934 x77001
MCHGlen - Royal Victoria Hospital
MCHGlen - Montreal Chest Institute
MCHGlen - Cedars Cancer Centre
  D RC.1000
D RC.1000
D RC.1000
 514 934 1934 x32330
514 934 1934 x32330
514 934 1934 x32330
MCHGlen - Montreal Children's Hospital  A RC.1000 514 412-4400‎ x23427
MCHMontreal Neurological Hospital  S3.08 514 934 1934 x34625