New Trauma website will lead to better care — from healthcare professionals’ perspectives

By being a readily available resource, the Trauma website enhances the clinical care and the patient and parental education that is begun during the hospital visit. The website is also an invaluable resource for all who are involved in sport and health care professionals who are seeking to prevent injury.

—Dr. Harley Eisman, Medical Director of Pediatric Medical Emergency, MCH

The new website will be a useful tool for parents who seek out credible information on all different types of injuries. They can be assured that they are accessing a credible website with contact numbers available for further reference. The trauma programs information pamphlets are also readily available on the website, unlike before where we had to mail them which could result in delays.

Helen Kocilowicz and Diane Richard, Trauma Coordinators, MCH

Sharing information emanating from research directly to the public is a challenge. A website that is user friendly may facilitate access to a broad array of children, teens and their families. The website is also an important networking tool with other researchers because they see what kind of research we are doing. This fosters collaborations with local, national or international researchers who have similar interests regarding pediatric trauma or injury prevention

Isabelle Gagnon, Clinician Scientist, Trauma/Child Development, MCH