Number of drownings in Canada increase this year

The total number of drownings in Canada has risen to at least 237 this year, according to officials, who note this is a nine percent increase from last year’s figures. Many of these deaths have occurred in Ontario, where seven toddlers have drowned this year alone.
This past weekend, there were three separate swimming accidents on a single day in the Toronto area.

Backyard swimming pools are not the only place where drownings can occur, rivers and beaches have also been the sites of several deaths.
The Lifesaving Society reminds parents to always be within arms reach of children when they are swimming, and to supervise them as closely as possible. Many people believe that they will have time to notice when their child is drowning, but in reality, experts say it can happen very silently and very quickly.
A swimmer in trouble can enter what lifeguards call a "drowning spiral" within seconds. Once caught in that spiral, the victim becomes immobile, cannot call out and loses consciousness in as little as 12 seconds.
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