Our Operating Room staff: working tirelessly behind the scenes

There are hundreds of people who work behind the scenes at the Children’s who you may never meet, but whose role in caring for our patients and their families is essential.

Our Operating Room (OR) is a great example: while most of us enjoy a break during the summer holidays, our dedicated OR staff is hard at work, no matter what day of the week. From early in the morning, until late at night, you can find the team working tirelessly on the 10th floor, each member contributing to making sure patients and families get the care and reassurance they need.

No matter the challenge, our OR nurses rise to the occasion to ensure that patients and families feel confident and reassured that they are in good hands. Please join us in thanking them for their continued commitment to putting kids first and providing compassionate care above all else. We’re thankful for each and every one of them!

Pictured here: Ann Waldron, Sonia Guilbeault, Catherine Gagnon, Geraldine Morency-Laflamme, Karina Olivo, Vanessa Arseneau, Vincent Collard, Maria Santos, Toni Carriero, Louise Fontaine, Olena Doronina, Zanele Ntungakwa, Julie Harding, Ivan Lemus, Tony Franco, Cherfie Alcine, Janet Rubilar, Joy Zavalla-Bernal, Bryan Aizenberg, Stephanie Reyes, Paul Tan, Rajdaye Maharaj and Jacqueline Benjamin.