PFCC Star of the Month: Marika Edvi, Nurse Clinician, Urology

When Lina Di Re, last month’s PFCC Star recipient was asked to nominate a colleague for the award, she didn’t have to look far. “I chose Marika because she brings out the best in me as a nurse,” says Lina. “I think she does that for families too, motivating them to do their best to improve their child’s health. She’s a real go-getter and she truly deserves this award.”

Like Lina, Marika is a Nurse Clinician in the Children’s Urology department, where she has worked for nine years in both the clinics and urodynamics lab. According to Marika, it’s a superb team with “three great nurses and four wonderful physicians.” In her time at the Children’s, Marika has also worked in Allergy and Immunology, Ambulatory Services, Emergency, and Orthopedics.

She and her colleagues see patients ranging in age from newborns to 18 years old who have problems related to kidney or bladder function. Many of the children seen in Urology, some of whom are followed throughout their childhood and adolescence, live with chronic conditions that they learn to manage over time with the support of the department’s team members.

“People don’t always know the extent to which some children can be affected by these disorders,” says Marika, “but it’s really important to manage the condition so the child can stay healthy and have a regular lifestyle as much as possible.”

What does patient and family-centered care mean to her? “I think it’s about getting to know a family, and who is part of the family and their support system,” she says. “It’s important to work with their strengths, give them help and support when they need it, and be available when they have questions or concerns. Part of our role is to accompany them through their journey.”

Patrick’s daughter is just one of the many children Marika sees regularly in clinic. “I’m very happy to hear that Marika received this award,” he says. “We’ve known Marika since my daughter was just a few weeks old and she’s always been there for us.” Patrick feels that Marika’s approach with children is great. “She’s so devoted and I think she’s like that with all the families she sees, plus she knows her work so well. People really appreciate her.”

Marika has always been an advocate of patient and family-centered care, and she feels the focus on it shows how things have evolved in recent years. “Taking this approach enhances the whole relationship, and it helps a family help their child,” she says. “Parents and family members are the experts on their child and they know what’s best for their child. They help us give better care and ultimately become better at what we do.”