RCMP Makes a Special Delivery to The Children's

The Montreal Children's Hospital had a few visitors from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on Wednesday. They where here for a very special mission: to deliver more than fifty Teddy Bears.

Along with TVA reporter Réjean Leveillé, who was the guest of honour for the 24th edition of the annual Spaghetti Luncheon for the Research into Children's Disease Foundation, and Stéphane Hébert, a former patient of the hospital from 21 years ago and volunteer at the RCMP Spaghetti Luncheon, the RCMP met some of our patients as well as Porto, one of the dogs in our Pet Therapy program.

The bears will be distributed in the coming months to children who are having surgery. Once they return to their rooms after surgery, they'll find one of the RCMP stuffed mascots waiting for them.