Recent bathtub drowning a reminder to parents to remain vigilent

News of the bathtub drowning of a one year old Laval baby on Tuesday evening offers an important reminder to parents that they should never leave their children unattended around water.
The incident occurred at a family home in the Auteuil district of Laval during a regular bedtime routine. A father was bathing his one year old son and two year old daughter, when he went downstairs to check something on the stove.
In a period of 2 to 3 minutes, the man came back to find his one year old unconscious, according to police.

Lisa Grilli, coordinator of the injury prevention program at the MCH says that in order to prevent such incidences, vigilance is key.

"Do not let your child out of sight, and the child has to be within arms' reach… A small child can drown in water as low as a few inches and within seconds," said Grilli.
The Public Health Agency of Canada offers home safety tips for parents, and reminds parents that a child can drown quietly within seconds in only a few centimetres (1 inch) of water.  They warn that if you must leave the bathroom, even for a second, take your child with you. 
To read more about how to ensure bathtub safety in your home, consult their complete list of tips by clicking here.