Salt-reduction will include specific targets, says Health Canada

Health Canada's sodium working group has backed regulations to compel food companies and restaurants to cut sodium levels by specific amounts in a range of products.
However, yesterday, the food industry warned it would take time and a concerted effort to be able to reach the voluntary sodium-reduction targets in foods blamed for playing a big part in dangerously high sodium consumption by Canadians.
The estimated average daily sodium consumption is 3,400 mg per day -the equivalent of about 1.5 teaspoons of salt -and more than double the recommended daily intake of 1,500 mg.
What are the saltiest food products in the grocery store these days? According to obesity experts, the biggest culprits are bread, soups and processed meats, which often contain higher amounts of sodium to aid in the preservation of food.
Health Canada says specific targets by product category will be set by the end of the year, while discussions with the restaurant industry to set targets for menu items are under way.

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