Seats for the 3rd annual MCH Student Career Day sell out almost as quickly as a Madonna concert

Over 200 students from 10 schools have registered for the 3rd annual MCH Student Career Day taking place January 27 in the MCH amphitheatre. The places were gobbled up within a week and a half of letters being issued to various schools. Currently there are over 100 students on a waiting list. School officials are actually calling Public Relations and Communications asking if there is anyway they can get a few tickets for their students.

The free bilingual MCH Student Career Day is geared toward students in grades 10 and 11 with an interest in health sciences. Students from French and English schools will be attending and the speakers will move seamlessly between the two languages.

Eight health professionals from various fields (medicine, nursing, research, radiation technology, physiotherapy, pharmacy, nutrition and human resources) will be addressing the students on January 27 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. In addition, students in the regions will join via teleconferencing.

"The MCH Career Day is a great success. Word about our event must be spreading because we've never seen the event sell out so quickly," says Lisa Dutton, Manager of Public Relations and Communications at the MCH. "I'm tempted to move the event to a bigger venue such as the AMC theatres across the street, but for the first time students in the regions want to join us and we need to stay in hospital to broadcast the event via teleconferencing."

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