Shriners Step Forward: Glen Site Deemed Ready for Shriners Hospital

Montreal—Thursday, July 5, 2007.  Update from Anaheim. By a near unanimous vote, the delegates at the 133rd Imperial Session agreed to release the Shrine leadership from the obligation requiring that the Glen site be entirely decontaminated. The resolution recognized that the decontamination done to date at the Glen site covers a sufficiently large surface area, being the 5 acres to be donated to the Shriners and the entire acreage where the McGill University Health Centre will build its new facilities.

The sufficiency of the decontamination work was argued by Gary Morrison, Chairman of the Shriners Hospital Board of Governors during his presentation before the 1,200 delegates on Tuesday in Anaheim.

"This is a critical step in the process of approving the construction of a new Shriners Hospital in Montreal" said Gary Morrison. "The fact that a small portion of the old yards had not been decontaminated had been a barrier to moving towards a serious business plan. This has been a very successful week for our patients, staff and friends who support our goal of building a new Shriners hospital in Montreal. We are one step closer, although we still have work ahead of us before approval to build is given."

The Shriners Hospital Canada is a 40-bed pediatric orthopedic hospital providing comprehensive orthopedic care to children from Canada and the North Eastern United States and around the world. The hospital houses two major orthopedic research areas, Genetics and Joint Diseases. They have been at the origin of several major breakthroughs, including the development of a treatment for osteogenesis imperfecta  (brittle bone disease) which is used world-wide.

Note to media:

Gary D.D. Morrison is available for interviews from Anaheim regarding this new development.

Guylaine Ouellet

Public Relations Manager
Shriners Hospital for Children Canada