Spotlight on Medical and Surgical Emergencies (ER)

The multidisciplinary team provides highly specialized acute health care to triage, stabilize, diagnose, treat and transfer patients onward for further care. The department is a designated "Tertiary Trauma Centre" and is open 24 hours a day.

The hard working team of ER provides diagnosis and treatment of surgical emergencies such as dental, ophthalmological, otolaryngological, orthopedic, plastic surgery, general surgical, neurosurgical and urological. It also specializes in minor and major trauma management.


  • 71 000 children have been treated at the Montreal Children's ER last year.
  • 100 nurses and aides are part of the team
  • 100 doctors from the hospital participate in clinical work.
  • 18 doctors work full time at the MCH ER.
  • Asthma is one of the more important causes that drive patients to ER.
The Best ER in town

After one of the busiest winter seasons ever, the Children’s Emergency department received exciting news that its hardworking team has been recognized for having the most efficient ER in the province. In a special feature on accessibility of health care in Quebec, L’Actualité magazine (Apr. 1) ranked the MCH Emergency department first in the province with a score of 99%.

Dr. Harley Eisman, Medical Director of Pediatric Emergency at the Children’s, says the recognition is well deserved and is a result of outstanding team work in the face of ever-increasing patient numbers. says Dr. Eisman. “It’s the third straight year with such an increase so it’s particularly significant that L’Actualité rated the MCH ER as the most efficient in Quebec. We could not have achieved this without the hard work and dedication of everyone on the team, and the continued support of the entire MCH community.”

Everyday Improvement

Head Nurse Louise Murray says that a number of quality improvement initiatives have had a significant impact on efficiency and quality of care. Collaborations and partnerships within the hospital are also a factor. For example, the head nurses hold a daily meeting on bed management which helps to improve efficiency in the ER as well as other areas of the hospital.

“We have a great team in Emergency,” says Dr. Eisman, “so it’s very satisfying to find out that our methodology, our processes and our commitment to our patients is producing a level of care that’s second to none.”