Transition of Care : A priority

To bridge the gap between pediatric and adult care is the prime objective of over a hundred healthcare specialists that attended a conference which started in Montreal yesterday.

An initiative of the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH), the conference goal is to find solutions to meet the needs of young adults who go from pediatric to adult care. Health professionals wish to ensure a smooth transition between the two health systems.

Dr Michel Bureau, Director General of the medical and academic unit of Quebec's Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux and former director of pediatric respiratory medicine at the Montreal Children's Hospital, emphasized on the importance of continuing medical and social services for patients with chronic illnesses.
After spending much of their life being taken care of and supported by the pediatric system, a lot of these young adults feel completely lost and distressed when entering the adult health system which is not always well prepared to meet their particular needs.
On behalf of Minister of Health and Social Services, Philippe Couillard, Dr. Bureau, stressed the importance of developing a close collaboration between intervening parties. Hospitals, family doctors, and health and social service centers have to work together to provide the best services possible to this group of patients.

Dr. Linda Christmann, Associate Executive Director of the Montreal Children’s Hospital affirmed that transition of care is a priority for the establishment. She also believes that the new location of the MUHC will facilitate collaboration and sharing of skill to ensure the transition.