Trauma experts gather to discuss the dangers of concussions

The MCH Trauma director, coordinators and researcher  attended a seminar this Saturday, organized by Hockey Canada to bring information about concussions to the forefront. Trauma specialists gathered at the Westin Hotel to discuss how to better promote awareness about the dangers of serious head injuries.
Experts also discussed the problem of returning to sports too quickly after suffering a serious injury. Often the problem isn't the concussion, but a swift return to the ice, court or field, as athletes give in to pressure to return to the game at the expense of allowing themselves an adequate amount of time to heal.
The well-being and safety of all our young athletes is of primary importance. This includes, among other things, a shared responsibility with parents and guardians to nurture the physical and emotional well-being and safety of its participants.
Everyone’s role is key in encouraging safe play and in respecting recommendations and activity restrictions prescribed after injuries. To read more tips and to find resources on concussions, as well as how to best educate kids about sports safety, please click here.