Youth Advisory Forum brings patient perspective to hospital care

By Wendy Reis

Picture back row: (l. to r.) David Hoida, Kristian Johnston-Galvez, Shaquille Sterling,
Jessica Aboukalam, Laurence PothierCampeau, Bertrand Dupuis. Front row: Rebecca Fogel, Anjali Patel, Lauren Ravazzano, Megha Patel, Isabella Trivisonno, Wendy Reis (Absent: Joseph-William Johnson, Julie Sorel)
The Youth Advisory Forum (YAF) is an organization made up of young people who have been patients at The Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH). They are supported by professionals from the MCH and the MCH Family Advisory Forum. The group meets once a month to find ways to make The Montreal Children’s Hospital a better and more comfortable place for patients and parents.
A hospital visit or admission is not easy but as youth who have experienced or are experiencing the MCH, the YAF members offer a valuable perspective in terms of suggesting ways and ideas to make appointments or hospital stays at the Children’s easier for families and patients.
How can a few people make a change? The YAF is small in numbers but they believe that good ideas can be put into place when everyone gets on board. The YAF has a great appreciation for the staff and patients at the MCH and it’s what motivates them to help make The Children’s a hospital that continues to provide excellent care to its patients and families while providing a calm, safe and soothing environment.

Our mission statement:
As representatives at the heart of the hospital we strive to help professionals, volunteers, patients and their families by improving the quality of life of users.
If you have suggestions or ideas, email us at: