Family Advisory Forum

Patients and families are the hospital’s raison d’être. That’s why it’s important that we give parents and caregivers opportunities to play an active role in the delivery of care at the hospital.

The Family Advisory Forum (FAF) is a group of parents, family members and caregivers of children who have been cared for or are currently being cared for at the hospital. Their goal is to improve the care and services offered at The Children's.

Annual Report: 2014-2015

Family Advisory Forum members:

  • represent parents on different committees and take part in various projects
  • help families share their ideas
  • make suggestions to staff about issues of concern to children and their families

Are you looking to play a bigger role in sharing new ideas and representing parents at the hospital? Parents, family members and caregivers who are interested in joining or learning more about the Family Advisory Forum can contact the FAF at (514) 934-1934, ext. 31968 or [email protected].