Complaints & comments

It may happen from time to time that you have a concern about the hospital services provided to you or your child, or that you feel you're not being given enough information. You might simply have a suggestion how something can be improved at the hospital. If so, please share your concerns with a member of your child's care team or other hospital staff. Most concerns can be resolved quickly by talking with staff in the area involved.

If you have difficulty explaining what is troubling you or if you feel that not enough is being done about your concern or complaint, you can contact Stéphanie Urbain the hospital's Complaints and Quality Commissioner (Ombudsman). She can help with these matters as well as offer advice and information on hospital practices and procedures.

To reach the Associate Ombudsman, Stéphanie Urbain :

514-412-4400, ext. 22223.
[email protected]

Guide to application of Quebec's health care complaint policy at MUHC

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