Packing your child’s suitcase

Children only need to wear a hospital gown when it's required for a test or treatment. Otherwise, they can wear their own clothing. Put your child’s name on all items you bring to the hospital. Note that families are responsible for washing their child’s clothes.

Include the following items in your child's suitcase:

  • pyjamas, pants and/or jogging pants
  • non-skid slippers / shoes
  • shirts / underwear / bathrobe
  • pillow and favourite pillowcase
  • toothpaste / toothbrush / dental floss
  • shampoo / conditioner / soap
  • brush/comb
  • baby wipes / diapers (if needed)

You can also bring your child’s favourite book, toy, stuffed animal or game. A family photograph may help your child feel more at home. Do not bring any valuables such as jewelry to the hospital.

Your child may like to receive cards from relatives or friends. The hospital mailing address is: 1001 boul. Décarie, Montreal, QC H4A 3J1. Mail will be delivered as long as it has your child's full name, care unit or floor and room number on the envelope.