Transitioning to adult care: Starting early and finishing strong

When teenagers with chronic illnesses turn 18, they graduate from pediatric to adult care. For our patients, it means they will no longer be followed at the Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Transitioning to adult care: one step at a time

Many young people and their families have been coming to the Children’s for years and are very familiar with how things are done. A lot of them know their nurses, doctors and other members of their healthcare team very well. Moving on to adult care can be challenging, and to help our patients get ready, we guide them through a variety of stages called transition, which sometimes lasts several years.

There is not one standard process for transition and currently, each health care team at the Children’s handles transition preparation a little bit differently. 

We are working on developing a series of guided steps and information packages that can be used by patients throughout the hospital. They include things called Transition Preparation Tools, a Medical Passport and Transfer Readiness Checklists. These have all been created to help our patients understand their illness well in preparation for meeting the people who will help them manage their health in the future. We want our patients to become comfortable asking questions, expressing concerns and taking care of their everyday needs, and be able to talk easily to their new doctors and nurses.

Helping you make the first steps

Leading up to a patient’s transition, our health care teams help the patient learn about their new hospital and the health care providers who work there. We’ll also help them book their first appointments with their new team, and help family members prepare for the transition.

Transition from pediatric to adult health care for adolescents who have a cognitive  impairment: 18 steps until 18! (PDF)

Self report transition readiness assessment for 16 years and older (PDF)

Transition preparation checklists for adolescents

11-13 yrs
14-16 yrs
17-18 yrs

Transition preparation checklists for parents of adolescents

11-13 yrs
14-16 yrs
17-18 yrs

Health summary templates

Complex Patient Care
Transplant Recipients