Baby Gemma thrives thanks to a life-altering kidney surgery

Gemma recently celebrated her 1st birthday with friends and family

Today we celebrate Gemma, who just recently celebrated her first birthday! When she was still in her mother’s womb at 23 weeks, little Gemma was diagnosed with Bilateral Hydronephrosis, a condition that occurs when urine is unable to drain from the kidney into the bladder. As soon as she was born, doctors had to insert tubes into her kidneys in order to drain them because the newborn was unable to urinate. She was heavily medicated and intubated, and spent 4 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until she underwent surgery to repair her right kidney and remove her left one completely. After several more weeks in hospital, she finally went home on October 1, 2015 and according to her proud mom, Vanessa, has continued to thrive.

“Everyone in the NICU and the wards had said she was a feisty little girl and indeed she was!” says Vanessa. “She now has one kidney that is 95% functional. She continues to be monitored by her urologist and nephrologist. She has progressed beautifully, all her doctors are amazed of the outcome, and she truly is a miracle baby! We had wonderful support in the NICU and on the wards, we are truly thankful for all their hard work and compassion. They took good care of Gemma and also took good care of us. I applaud all the workers at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Thank you.”