A letter of thanks from a grateful mom

Wondering who this adorable munchkin is? Her name is Marilou, and she is now 4 years old. Her proud mom, Karine, recently got in touch with us to give us an update on how she’s doing – keep reading to learn about her touching story.

“The diagnosis came after over a month in hospital, when my daughter was barely two months old: our little one was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis; the fatal degenerative disease. It was a shock for mom, dad and her brothers. But the shock didn’t last very long once we were better informed by the Cystic Fibrosis team at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. The treatments began that first day, and quickly my daughter started getting better.

Our little Marilou is a fighter, despite finding herself back in hospital every winter for a 15-day hospitalization, having a blast partaking in all the activities offered to inpatients! I can’t thank you enough. Despite the disease and the treatments, my daughter loves life. Thank you for helping us easily navigate this challenge and THANK YOU to the members of the Children’s staff who are always so friendly and fun around Marilou. Thank you so much.”

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