A letter of thanks from a grateful mom

Just minutes after her birth in Victoriaville, her mother, Vicky remembers being told that her daughter may need to be checked by the pediatrician on call. “The nurse left the room with my little one and came back to tell me that her saturation rate was falling and they couldn’t determine why,” she explains. “The team eventually reached Dr. Sam Daniel, at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, who sent a special team to transport my daughter to Montreal. Once she arrived at the Children’s, it was determined that Élyane had a mass in her vocal chords which prevented her from breathing properly. They intubated her for the first 7 days of her life and she underwent laser surgery to remove the mass in her respiratory tract. At 10 days old, they removed her breathing tube and I was finally able to hold my baby in my arms for the first time!”

“Adorable Élyane’s vocal cords are now great, she’s in perfect health,” says Vicky. “We are so grateful to the Children’s for having taken such good care of her and of us during those 15 days she was hospitalized. We were able to be with Élyane every day. It made life easier for us. The facilities and services on site were indispensable during a time when we were far from home and living with unbelievable anxiety. Thank you for all your support.”