A mom’s thanks after a successful operation

2 year-old Lucas Meyers’ mom credits staff members for helping her son feel calm and comforted before and after surgery


Our son, Lucas, recently had an operation to remove his tonsils and his adenoids in June 2014. Upon our arrival in the Day surgery department, we were extremely well taken care of. The staff is wonderful and they all worked to ensure that our son’s stress levels remain as low as possible. One of the team members, a Child Life Specialist named Nathalie, came to see Lucas to explain what would happen during the operation to help with any anxiety he may be feeling. She showed him the mask that would help him fall asleep, lent him books, and laughed with him. In short, our son was in a great mood, and not nervous at all. We could never thank Nathalie enough, she was a real gem!

The anesthesiologist, the nurses…the entire team deserves a big thank you for their abounding kindness. The anesthesiologist even took the time to play a song for Lucas on his way to the operating room. Our little man showed no signs of nervousness, only a little when he was wheeled into the operating theatre, which is normal. As his mother, I was given a chance to accompany him to the operating room, and he fell asleep in my arms. It was difficult to hand him over, but this helped a great deal to ensure that our son did not panic. A Child Life Specialist was there through it all to ensure that both mom and son were doing well. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

- Lucas Meyers & family