A thank you letter to staff

Vanessa recently turned 18 and wanted to thank staff for always being there for her

I was treated at the Children's for almost 3 years for a neurological illness called Myasthenia gravis. This causes weakness in every muscle and makes it difficult to breathe and swallow. There is no cure and I feel like I keep getting worse every year. I'm going to turn 18 in two months and it breaks my heart to think about how I’m going to have to say goodbye to everyone that took care of me. I haven't met anyone who wasn't nice, sweet, and caring. I have been through my share of departments: 6th floor hospitalization, 5th floor Child Life, 9th floor PICU, 2nd floor Dialysis, Complex Care, Immunology, 5th floor Neurology, 7th floor, 10th floor Surgery, Psychology and countless visits to the emergency room.

It’s been a very rough roller coaster and one of weakness, fear, fatigue, and pain...If the hardworking staff of the Montreal Children's Hospital wasn't there to help me overcome everything, I wouldn't be where I am today. I cannot count how many times I’ve wanted to give up, but everyone helped me get stronger or at least convinced me not to give up by giving me pep talks and listening when I needed to talk. I want to say thank you for everyone who took care of me.

Thank you.

Vanessa Akl