Wi-fi and cell phones

Internet and Wi-Fi

The Glen site provides free basic Wi-Fi Internet access to patients and visitors for use on mobile devices. The service is provided through the following network name:


To access the Wi-Fi service, enter the following information (in lower case):

  • Username: public
  • Password: wifi


The service is offered with limited access, so you cannot stream videos or download large files.


Every patient room has a telephone for the family’s use. Local and toll-free calls can be made from your room by dialing “9” followed by the telephone number. For long-distance calls, you may use calling cards or cell phones only.

Cell phones

Mobile phones are permitted at the Montreal Children’s Hospital and throughout the MUHC Glen site, but please note the following:

  • You must stay a minimum distance of one metre from biomedical equipment when using your cell phone; please respect signage.
  • Please turn down the volume of the ringtone or set your phone to vibrate.
  • Please talk quietly and respectfully.
  • Taking photos is strictly prohibited without the express permission of the hospital's Public Relations and Communications office.