Our team

It takes a team of diverse and enthusiastic individuals to launch an innovative campaign that gets people talking – literally! The “We should talk” project came to life over a period of one year, with the help of a multidisciplinary team of individuals who sought to inspire change, encourage speaking up and listening up and viewed these things as imperatively linked to better patient care.

Frederic De Civita, Assistant to Associate Director General and Manager of Admitting and Registration Services

Role within the committee: Advisor

“We’re aiming to create a partnership with patients and their families, and with this project, my hope is that families feel that their questions and their concerns are welcome.”

Marie-Claude Proulx, Patient and Family Centred Care Coordinator (PFCC)

Role within the committee: ensuring that we have a vision that aligns with PFCC; bringing teaching experience to the table, and providing a communication framework to facilitate speaking up and listening up.

“Getting to know a group of enthusiastic and creative young professionals, learning about project management and feeling like we're contributing to improving the care we provide has been very rewarding.”

Aaron Fima, Family/Patient advisor

Role within the committee: to represent the patient and family perspective on the team

 “What’s most exciting to me about this project is the fact that we have integrated various different objectives from a multidisciplinary group into one cohesive communication campaign that will contribute to improved patient safety at the Children’s.”

Pamela Toman, Communications Officer, Public Relations and Communications

Role within the committee: I offer communications support and advice

“It’s been extremely rewarding to work with a team of diverse individuals for a lengthy period of time with one common goal: to improve both the patient experience.”


Dr. Nadine Korah, Attending Physician, Division of General Pediatrics

Role within the committee: Physician collaborator and patient safety expert

“The most rewarding part of the project to date has been the dedication and collaborative energy that has created a tremendous project. It is inspiring to see a dozen people around a table all enthusiastically agree on a message, and I hope to see everyone at the Children’s feel the same way!”

Caroline Marchionni, Knowledge Broker

Role within the committee: I help the team make decisions based on the best possible scientific evidence.

“Working with a diverse, motivated group of professionals who share a passion for patient safety has been very fulfilling.”


Alain Biron, Assistant to the Director, Quality, Patient Safety and Performance, MUHC

Role within the committee: to support the team with project evaluation measures, coach the team on QI methods, and connect with the rest of the organization

 “Working on real changes that have the potential to directly improve patient safety is very exciting.”

Gabrielle Cunningham-Allard, Research Clerk, Emergency Department

Role within the committee: represent the frontline staff perspective and help with team coordination

“The most rewarding aspect of working on this project has been being part of a strong team that is moving toward a more open and safe environment that accommodates both speaking and listening up For hospital staff, physicians and patients alike.”

Dr. Alexander Sasha Dubrovsky, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician

Role within the committee:Project Lead

 “Innovating and creating a campaign to improve the patient experience and delivery of safe care has been a very rewarding experience. It’s been great to continuously learn through multidisciplinary work and partnering with patient/family advisors.”


Stephanie Tsirgiotis, Communications Officer, Public Relations and Communications

Role within the committee:I offer communications support and advice

“I am really excited about our official launch! We have been working very hard on these posters and I can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction.”


Dr. Samara Zavalkoff, Attending Physician, Pediatric Critical Care

Role within the committee:  patient safety consultant

“For me the two best parts of this project have been working so effectively with such a unique interdisciplinary team and actually seeing this idea we had, and that I feel so passionate about,  come to reality – literally before our eyes through our amazing media campaign!”