Preoperative Evaluation Clinic (PEC) and Surgical Day Centre (SDC)

Preoperative COVID-19 testing documents for families:

Helpful tips:

  • If your child is undergoing a day surgery procedure, please sign in at the registration desk  in the Surgery and Interventions Centre at B03.3103 . Make sure your child has a hospital card before you register.
  • Your child will not be allowed to eat or drink anything before the surgery; you'll receive specific instructions about this before the day of the surgery. It is very important that your child follow the surgery food and drink (fasting) instructions. For safety reasons, your child’s surgery may be delayed or cancelled if these instructions are not followed.
  • During your child’s surgery, we ask you not to leave the hospital. It is very important that we can reach you during and after the surgery. When the surgery is over, we will call you so that you may meet your child in the Recovery Room, also known as the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU).
  • You'll be able to leave the hospital once the doctor says your child is feeling well enough to go home.


Our services
The Preoperative evaluation clinic coordinates and facilitates the care of children and their families as they go through the surgical experience. The service includes the physical assessment of the child, the required consultation, the appropriate laboratory work and psychological preparation for the expected occurrences on the day of surgery.
The Surgical Day Centre (SDC) is a resource for families who have been through the PEC or surgical platform at the Montreal Children's Hospital. The clinic can help families who have new concerns or questions following their PEC appointment or operation/procedure. Some surgical specialties use this clinic for postoperative follow-up of wounds, removal of surgical drains and postoperative imaging appointments.
Our team

Our team includes nurse clinicians, MCH pediatricians, MCH anesthesiologists, licenced practical nurses, and clerks.

Department leads

  • Annie Castro, Nurse manager, RN
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Sbrocchi, Pediatrician Co-lead of PEC, FRCP, Pediatric endocrinologist
  • Dr. Karen Brown, Anesthesia Co-lead of PEC, MD, FRCP, Pediatric anesthesiologist

Assistant Head Nurse

  • Vanessa Morin, RN, BN

Nurse Professional Development Educator

  • Stéphanie Lepage, RN, BScN, MSc(a), Cped(C), CPI Certified Instructor-Associate

Care Coordinators

  • Cathy Williams, RN, BScN
  • Syna Phann, RN, BScN
  • Candice Michaud, RN, BScN

Nurse Clinicians

  • Arvin Marc Arenas, RN, BScN
  • Divya Dokku, RN, BScN
  • Céline Leger, RN, BScN
  • Christianne Roy, RN, BScN
  • Amanda Tandubuana, RN, BScN
  • Nicole Rose Seoane RN, BScN

Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Véronique Hurteau, RNA
  • Euronda Sandy, RNA
  • Nicky Alexis, RNA

Certified Child Life Specialist

  • Krystalanne Pacheco Cabral


  • Maria Colokathis
  • Maria Discenza
  • Aldana Eva Galvan
  • Franca Palombi
How to contact us
  • Room B03.3103
  • PEC and SDC front desk: 514-412-4400 ext. 25548 or 24312
  • PEC Booking: 514-412-4400 ext. 22876
  • SDC Booking: 514-412-4400 ext. 23535
  • PEC and SDC fax number: 514-412-4285


Refer a patient 
  • Room B 03.3103 
  • To make an appointment, please contact the surgical service secretary
  • To cancel an appointment: 514-412-4400 ext. 22876 
  • Fax : 514 412-4285