FAQ - Frequently asked questions on volunteering

1.  Why do I have to be 18 years old before I can volunteer at the Montreal Children’s Hospital?

Our hospital provides complex care to patients that are, at times, quite vulnerable. In order to provide the best care for children and their families, our volunteers must have a certain level of maturity so that their volunteering experience benefits them and the patients and families they meet.

2. I would l ike to volunteer but don't meet the age requirements of the hospital. Can I volunteer elsewhere until I turn 18?

We look forward to receiving your application once you have met the hospital’s age requirements. Until then, you can consider applying to the  Volunteer Bureau of Montreal   or t he   MUHC adult hospital sites   until you’re old enough to volunteer at the Children’s.

3.  I am not bilingual (French and English).  Can I still volunteer?

Bilingualism is important for safety reasons when interacting with young patients and their families. Hospitalization can be a very stressful experience, and being able to communicate in either English or French is important.

4.  How long does the volunteer application process take?

From the time we receive your application, it can take up to six weeks.

Note: due to the high volume of applicants, not all candidates will be selected. Only those selected will be contacted.

5.  I would like to bring my pet to visit the patients at the hospital. Can this be arranged?

There is a pet therapy program at the hospital, and Zoothérapie Québec is the organization responsible for the dogs that visit children at the hospital. Unfortunately, no other pets are allowed in the hospital.

6.  Can I organize a corporate volunteering group visit to the hospital? Can I organize a hospital visit with my child who is under 18?

Due to issues surrounding patient safety, infection control, and confidentiality, we are not able to accommodate these types of requests.