Central intake

Brain, Development and Behaviour (BDB) is an integrated clinical network providing assessment and consultative services for children with complex developmental disabilities. In order to correctly and expeditiously orient these children to the appropriate services within the hospital, all referrals from community physicians for developmental concerns are received and systematically triaged by our BDB Centralized Intake team.


How to refer a patient to the Brain, Development and Behaviour services

The BDB Centralized Intake Referral Form is required for all developmental requests:

Please fill out our referral form to refer a patient.


Please also include any other information that you believe is important for our review (professional evaluation reports, observation notes, etc.).  In order to efficiently process the referral, please ensure all relevant fields are completed to avoid unnecessary delays.

Note: For school-aged children a psychology report completed within the last two years is required.


Please send the requested documents to us either by:

Questions? Please call 514-412-4496

Refer a patient 

Room number : A04.3140 Reception
Phone : 514 412-4496
Fax : (514) 412-4136