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The World Brain Death Project: New publication offers significant and unprecedented consensus on the question of when brain death occurs

When does death occur? Prior to the 1950s, the scientific community agreed it was when the heart stopped. But with the arrival of breathing machines, the heart could continue to beat despite complete and irreversible damage to the brain. That’s when the concept of brain death criteria began to emerge in the late 1960s, and it’s subject that has led to rigorous analysis and study all over the world.

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I get so emotional thinking about it, but if it weren’t for the doctors, nurses and everyone who took care of us, he may not have made it,” says Robyn Schwartz about her third and youngest son Maxwell who is now 15 months old. At 20 weeks into her pregnancy, Robyn underwent a routine ultrasound that revealed her baby had a cystic malformation of the lung. +