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In this section, you'll find basic health information about common childhood ailments, conditions and illnesses. These articles are for your information and are not intended to replace professional medical advice. If your child is sick please take him to see your pediatrician or family doctor. For even more health information we invite you to visit The Montreal Children's Hospital Family Resource Library where you'll find over 1,700 different resources on children's medical conditions including books, videos and pamphlets.

Each year, the emergency department of the Montreal Children Hospital sees over 3700 children under the age of 4 who have sustained traumatic injuries. At least half of the infants and toddlers injuries are due to falls, while a small portion of these injuries are due to burns, foreign bodies, pulled elbows and poisoning. Some of these children sustain injuries serious enough to require hospitalization and intervention by our trauma experts. This section will focus on prevention of injuries targeting parents and caregivers of infants and toddlers.

What Every Parent Should Know About Shaken Baby Impact Syndrome

SBIS previously referred to as "Shaken Baby Syndrome" (SBS) is an injury to the brain resulting from intentional head trauma which can occur when a baby is thrown, jogged, jerked, or shaken.


Having a child in the hospital can create more than mere emotional difficulties. Families can also face financial hardship in cases where a parent must stop working temporarily or permanently to care for their child. This section contains resources for patients and families with different needs.