The Montreal Children’s Hospital provides the highest quality healthcare to infants, children and teenagers. Each year tens of thousands of children and families from across Quebec and beyond seek care from our health professionals. We serve our patients in both French and English, and interpreter services in more than 40 languages are provided by a dedicated team of medical interpreters and a number of hospital staff. 

What makes us unique

What makes the Children's unique is the true spirit of the hospital—a wonderful blend of caring, innovation, uncompromising standards, and dedication to public service that has characterized the institution since the beginning.

The Montreal Children's Hospital is a tertiary care pediatric teaching hospital affiliated with McGill University. It is also the only pediatric facility serving the McGill Réseau universitaire intégré santé (RUIS). The MCH constantly pioneers new expertise through research, innovation and sharing of knowledge to meet the ever-changing needs of our young patients.

Care is centered on the child and family

Parents are our partners in care because, by working together, we can provide every child with the medical attention they deserve. Our goal is not only to provide leading-edge care but also to develop and recommend measures that will help prevent illness and injury in children.

Focusing on the patient and their family has had a major impact on the hospital's approach to care over the years. For example, the award-winning Complex Care Service was among the first to offer in-home ventilation services, long-term antibiotic therapy and palliative care. The service also enables patients who would have previously stayed longer in hospital to recover at home.

Expert nursing is tailored to each child's needs

At the Children’s, nurses coordinate care with all departments and services, support the family, and are actively involved in treatment decisions with physicians. They also play an important role in teaching parents how to care for their sick child after leaving the hospital.

Allied health professionals

Allied health care professionals such as social workers, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists, and others play an essential role on healthcare teams. Their input allows a more complete view of the child’s needs and greatly contributes to developing an optimal treatment plan for the child.

Ongoing training every day throughout the hospital

Physicians in groups doing bedside rounds are the training groups most visible to parents. At the Children's, doctors in training learn about illnesses and treatments, as well as other important aspects of care such as respect for patients and communicating with families.

Training also extends to people throughout the hospital whether housekeeping staff, new volunteers or medical imaging technicians.

Our commitment also extends beyond the hospital walls. The Telehealth program and The Child, Youth and Family Health Network enable hospital staff to share their knowledge with other professionals throughout the province and abroad.

Research: from bench to bedside

Many physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals at the Children's carry out research, and they sometimes use information gathered from treating their patients to support their research work. In turn, when the research yields results, it can be used to help patients at the bedside, a process which helps deliver the most up-to-date care and treatments possible.