A helipad at the McGill University Health Centre

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) is proud to announce that the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) has chosen it to be one of four sites in Quebec to build a heliport, as part of its first Government Action Plan for Quebec's Pre-hospital Emergency System.

"I would like to salute the Quebec government, in particular the MSSS, for including this measure in its Government Action Plan for Quebec's Pre-hospital Emergency System. I would also like to thank all our leaders, clinical and administrative teams as well as our foundations for their vision, commitment and planning efforts," says MUHC President and Executive Director, Dr. Lucie Opatrny.

The MUHC has been advocating for such a service for several years to support patients who require emergency transport for neonatal intensive care, specialized and ultra-specialized neurological and cardiovascular care, as well as trauma care.

"This announcement is a first step in the development of a truly organized helicopter transport system in Quebec that will benefit all patients. We look forward to working with the MSSS to offer our expertise and collaboration in advancing this project," says Dr. Kosar Khwaja, Medical Director, MUHC Adult Trauma Program and Intensive Care Medicine.

"The Montreal Children's Hospital is delighted to be part of this exciting initiative. Trauma, by its very nature, is often sudden, devastating and life changing. Every minute counts, and rapid access to the appropriate expertise is paramount to increasing the chances of a positive outcome for patients and families. Air transport is recognized as essential for ensuring timely critical care interventions for critically ill neonatal, pediatric and adolescent patients, and for thus mitigating the impact on both mortality and morbidity. We welcome the opportunity to work with the Ministry to make this a reality," adds Debbie Friedman, Director of Pediatric Trauma at the MCH and Director of the Canadian Hospitals Injury Reporting and Prevention Program.

The MUHC looks forward to working with the MSSS on the design of its helipad.

Click here to access the MSSS press release.