Our team


  • Marcele Falcão, MD, PhD
  • Michael Flanders, MD
  • Conrad Kavalec, MD
  • Robert Koenekoop, MD, PhD, Chief Pediatric Ophthalmology 
  • Pierre Lachapelle, PhD
  • Daniela Toffoli, MD
  • Patrick Hamel, MD
  • Christian El-Hadad, MD


  • Gaëla Cariou-Panier, clinical and research
  • Mona Hijazi, clinical and research
  • Stephanie Oglietti, clinical and research
  • Raquel Beneish, MSc, clinical and research
  • Connie Pham, Certified Ophthalmic Technician, clinical and research
  • Glenda Vargas Certified Ophthalmic Technician, clinical and research
ERG technician:
  • Shasha Lv 
  • Kim Paquin, RNA
  • Melanie Bélanger RNA
  • Charleen Magee RN
Reception and secretarial:
  • Vanessa Rodrigues, executive secretary
  • Maria Di Lemme, reception
  • Giovanna Contarini, reception

To make and appointment at the Ophthalmology Clinic: A-RC-North-3334

  • Call: (514) 412-4040
  • Fax: (514) 412-4288
Programs and services

Ophthalmology services include all medical, genetic, orthoptic, visual and surgical assessments and treatments of all childhood eye conditions, common and rare:


  • All forms of strabismus, nystagmus and amblyopia
  • All eye traumas
  • Red eyes (not during COVID-19 pandemic)
  • All ocular and orbital plastics
  • All neuro-ophthalmological conditions, including all optic nerve and brain disorders   
  • All cataracts including congenital and traumatic cataracts
  • All forms of childhood blindness and low vision
  • All retinal degenerations including retinitis pigmentosa, leber congenital amaurosis, cone and cone-rod dystrophies, all forms of nightblindness and others
  • All diabetic and sickle cell patients
  • All rheumatology patients
  • All seizure and hemoglobinopathy patients who are on medications with possible ocular toxicity
  • All surgeries on eyelid, orbit, nasolacrimal system, cataracts and strabismus
  • All forms of uveitis (often diagnosed in patients with rheumatoid disorders)
  • Retinoblastoma and glaucoma (interdisciplinary program in conjunction with CHU Sainte-Justine)
  • Corneal and anterior segment disorders



Low vision services in Montreal (English): MAB and MacKay: https://www.llmrc.ca/program-and-services/by-impairment/visual-impairment/ Low vision: Louis Braille (français): http://www.inlb.qc.ca/usagers-et-proches/aides-visuelles-pret-et-assurance/ Support, clinical help and major research for childhood blindness and low vision: https://www.fightingblindness.ca/

Refer a patient 
  • Room: A RC.3334, Glen site
  • To make an appointment: call the Appointment Referral Centre (ARC) 514-412-4040
  • Fax: 514- 412-4288