The Edwards Family Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex Pain


Our team

Clinical Staff:

  • Dr. Pablo Ingelmo, Director of the Edwards Family Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex Pain, Anesthesiologist and Complex Pain Specialist
  • Dr. Sabrina Carrié, Anesthesiologist and Complex Pain Specialist 
  • Dr. Jonathan Hudon, Family Doctor, Palliative Medicine and Complex Pain Specialist 
  • Rebecca Pitt, Clinician Nurse
  • Nathalie Comtois, Clinician Nurse
  • Andréane Aubert, Psychoeducator
  • Lina Osseiran, Physiotherapist
  • Julie Lalande, Physiotherapist 
  • Erika Laberge, Physiotherapist 
  • Maria Daniele, Administrative Assistant

Medical Fellows

  • Hanadi Almashooq (2022-2023)
  • Justine Turmel-Roy (2022-2023)

Research and Education

  • Dr. Nada Mohamed, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Luan Tran, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Marie Vigouroux, Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Marie-Linda Boghdady, Education and Clinical Research Coordinator 


Our services

You can find the description of our services on the home page of the website of the Edwards Family Interdisciplinary Centre for Complex Pain:

We are looking forward to welcoming you and partnering with you in your road to recovery from complex pain!  


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Room number: A 02.2227, Glen site
To make an appointment or reach the office call: 514-412-4448
Fax: 514- 412-4341