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Who we are

The members of the Spiritual Care department are available to patients and family members to accompany you in dealing with the spiritual questions raised by illness and hospitalization, including those related to hopes, meaning, faith, connection or values. We offer a compassionate, listening ear and supportive presence to patients, family members and staff from all faith traditions as well as those who have no particular belief system, to help you connect with your own sense of hope, meaning, peace or strength. We can help you continue your religious or spiritual observances in hospital, and can connect you with members of your faith community if desired. We can also work with you for rituals like prayers, blessings and other services. 

Learn more: Canadian Association for Spiritual Care


Our team

The Montreal Children’s Hospital spiritual care team consists of an administrative agent and four professionals with university training in religious studies and theology, and clinical training in a hospital setting. Team members have experience working with patients of diverse spiritual backgrounds and are committed to an approach that respects the beliefs and practices of each patient and family member.

Our services

Spiritual care professionals are part of the inter-professional care teams on in-patient wards and are available in the emergency department and outpatient clinics by family request or referral from a member of the healthcare team. A spiritual care professional may introduce themselves during the course of your child’s hospitalization, or a member of your child or teenager’s healthcare team may suggest putting you in touch with a spiritual care professional. You can also request this service yourself by speaking with your child’s doctor or nurse. For urgent needs, please ask a member of your child or teenager’s care team to contact us directly, or call the hospital operator at: 514-412-4400 and ask for the spiritual care professional on call.

The multi-faith chapel (room A 02.0045) is always open to everyone for meditation, prayer and quiet reflection. Services and meditation sessions are held occasionally.


Refer a patient 

Chapel: room A 02.0045

Offices: A02.3432, 3734 and 3744

Tel: 514-412-4400 ext 23109, Monday to Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Available 24 hours a day via the hospital operator (ask for the Spiritual Care professional on call at the Montreal Children's Hospital).

Email: [email protected] 


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